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Next T8W 8″ IP65 Speaker, White [100V|16Ω]

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The T8 two-way IP65 loudspeakers with built-in 100V transformer and 16Ω power tap are perfect for both distributed and near-field applications in environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bar terrace, churches, malls or conferences. The speakers are housed in a stylish weatherproof plastic cabinet (IP65 – using the back cover) providing an excellent architectural integration, both indoor and outdoor. The very accurate speaker’s coverage allows the people, among the audience, to perceive the sound in the same way. The low frequencies are reproduced by a 8” direct-radiating woofer with a polypropylene cone, while the high-frequency section is based on a titanium tweeter. A U-bracket is included and will support your installation on the wall or ceiling. Download Brochure

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The T8 comes with a U-Bracket included on the packaging, made from Steel with a Hot-dip Galvanization, coating the steel with a layer of zinc, turning it resistant to corrosion. Other wall brackets (with pan and tilt) are available for T8 speakers.
The T8 speakers are an excellent solution to sound your installation such as retail stores, restaurants, bar terraces, churches, malls or conferences among others.
Install your T8 speakers easily, adjusting the wall bracket and positioning in the desired position.
The T8 speakers are equipped with a 4-positions (IN+/IN- and LINK+/LINK-) Phoenix connector located on the back plate. The screw connector provides a faster and easier way to wire the system allowing the speaker to perfectly ¬fit the wall shape while keeps the cables invisible.

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