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Next PFA18sHP Active Front-Loaded High Power Subwoofer


The PFA18sHP is an active 18” compact and powerful subwoofer system loaded by a long excursion, European made 18” woofer and it is internally powered by a DPAmplifier module. This professional active front-loaded subwoofer was engineered for high-level and extended low frequency output. Download Brochure


The integrated DSP with A/D-D/A low noise converters, provides eight selectable presets (six factory defined and two user-defined) that can be accessed by an easy selector, located on the front module panel or real time edited by a PC, using the supplied Soundware software, via USB remote control. This permits easy customization of the sound programme, for various applications or different venues. An intelligent automatic standby mode is activated when the amplifier detects no input signal, saving energy and extending the expected work life.

With the Soundware software is possible to edit the six pre-loaded presets and store them either of the two free memories. Editable parameters are input equalization, input delay, input high-pass/low-pass filters and the ‘bass enhancer’ function. A total of 255 units can be controlled simultaneously by the software.

The PFA18sHP is also equipped with a top-mounted pole socket that, when in ground stacked applications, can be used to mount satellite speakers equipped with standard 35mm pole sockets.



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