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Next LA212x 3-Way Fully Horn Loaded Line Array

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The LA212x is a 3-way fully horn loaded, axially symmetric, line array element, capable of producing crystal clear, detailed and extremely powerful audio performance over distance, with an exceptional 90° horizontal constant dispersion control. Being completely symmetric this line array is capable of generating virtually identical acoustic sound patterns on the right and left which allows for an easy, accurate and symmetric alignment. It incorporates a number of technologies to produce a coherent vertical wave front, extreme sound pressure levels with exceptional accuracy and specially consistent horizontal coverage over a wide frequency range, kept down to 250 Hz. Maintaining directivity control over this wide bandwidth raises the ratio of direct-to-reflected energy, thereby increasing system intelligibility. The LA212x was carefully designed to precisely match all the path lenghts from the throat to the mouth of the device. The generated sound wave has a flat and isophasic wavefront that meets a diffraction slot which mantains a constant horizontal directivity. By vertically limiting and spreading on the horizontal plane, this line array, creates a cylindrical wave with minimal lobing when coupling with other units. Download Brochure



Several types and different configurations of flight cases are available to facilitate transport and provide additional protection to the LA212x cabinets and its accessories.
Using the Dipole effect, achieved with the two side mounted 12″ woofers, the 90º Horizontal consistent coverage is maintained down to 250 Hz.
With the available LA212x EASE Files you can perfectly simulate the acoustical performance of the complete sound system to find the optimal setup for any given venue.
To preserve the acoustical integrity and the natural warmth, all the horns, wave guides and phase correctors are made of low resonance plywood or acoustically neutral polymers. The horn mouths are horizontally separated by a “tuned” distance that uses the Tuned Dipolar Array (TDA) effect to achieve an exceptional low frequency horizontal dispersion control with the nominal angle being maintained down to 250Hz. With TDA effect is possible to keep the LF signals away from the stage revealling it to be more immune to low frequencies feedback.
The N-RAK 40 or N-RAK 80 power racks are the perfect match. The N-RAK offers a solution to cover signal and power distribution in a plug-and-play touring package. The N-RAK can be remotely monitored and controlled, through ethernet network, by Powersoft Armonia Plus. AES3 and Analog inputs come standard, making the setup process greatly simplified. The N-RAK can be powered by Single-Phase, Two-Phase or Three-Phase from 85 VAC up to 440 VAC, with automatic switching and balancing.
The bass section makes use of two 12” neodymium woofers with 3” voice coils that are strategically placed on either side of the speaker in a dipolar horn arrangement. The mid-frequency horn uses a 10” driver mounted coaxially behind the HF drivers, loaded by a mathematically complex, directivity control device that eliminates the HF section acoustic “shadow.” Due to the physical diameter of 10” driver it is impossible to achieve interference-free, close coupling of wave sources at the frequencies necessary to crossover with HF drivers, so a proprietary Wave Splitter device was developed. The high-frequency section consists of two 1.4” exit HF compression drivers with 2.5” voice coils mounted to a dedicated wave-shaping device.




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