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Next LA122WA Active 2-Way Compact Wide Line Array


The LA122WA is a 2-way 12” Wide Line Array system incorporating advanced neodymium speakers, custom made by B&C and a high performance DPA amplifier module, capable of generating 2220Wprg of high-definition power for a very high acoustic pressure for medium to large scale applications. This system is designed for use in permanent installations as well as touring system comprises two models, two line arrays elements – LA122A and LA122WA (wide version), with different coverage angles (8ºx90º and 15ºx120º respectively). For low frequency extension the LAs118A or Las418A subwoofers can be used. LA122WA is a perfect solution to use as front-fill on the stage as well as bottom element on LA122A Line Array System configurations to cover the audience near the stage. Download Brochure



LA122A/ LA122WA can be used indoor or outdoor, from small to medium venues.
The high efficiency 2220Wprg DPAmplifier module, integrated with an advanced digital processing (DSP). With the Soundware software it is possible to edit each one of the six pre-loaded presets and store it in one of the two free memories. Editable parameters are: input equalization, input delay, input high-pass/low-pass filters and a Bass Enhancer function. A total of 255 units can be controlled simultaneously.
You can use your LA122WA flown with LA122A, flown with the subwoofer Las118A and LA122A or stacked on the ground. Alternatively the LA122WA can be used on the stage as front-fill.
The integrated DSP and low-noise AD/DA converters give eight selectable presets (six factory defined and two user-defined) accessed by a selector on the module front panel or real-time edited on a PC, using the supplied Soundware software via USB remote control. This permits easy customization of the sound programme for different applications and venues.

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