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CMX A5H Stereo Amplifier


Compact audio controller with 2 x 15 directly from 100-240V mains supply, the
57mm back box and provides a minimal yet fully functional control surface. The
inbuilt USB/Micro SD audio player, an FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver. Key functions are operated from the front panel or by using the supplied IR remote control. Connections for 2 mains power, FM antenna and up to 2 phoenix connectors. A complete and versatile audio solution for wall or ceiling background music speakers in the home or commercial audio applications


  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  •  2 x 15 watts output
  •  Internal USB/SD media player and FM tuner
  •  Supplied with I.R. remote control
  •  LCD English display the music title and music number
  •  Volume control through panel keys or the supplied remote control or key functions on front panel
  •  5 program of timer to scheduled power on/off
  •  30 levels of attenuation through remote control
  •  Memory setting, with contact for door bell and remote trigger broadcast

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