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Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 5100 WUXGA

SKU: E-Vision Laser 5100 WUXGA

Incredibly budget-friendly laser projector. Download Brochure


Compact and powerful, the E-Vision Laser 5100 delivers an impressive 5,100 lumens and weighs in at only 10.5Kg, and offers a very quiet operation noise of only 36 dBA. This single chip DLP Laser projector offers 20,000 hours of stable and near-maintenance free illumination.

The E-Vision LASER 5100 projector includes an ultra short-throw 0.5:1 fixed lens with a 0.6 offset, allowing it to be mounted well above the screen and out of the line of sight of viewers. This lens option makes it an impressively compact, entry-level imaging solution ideal for museums, lecture theatres, corporate boardrooms, digital signage and similar applications needing bright imagery at remarkably accessible price points.

With a multitude of connectivity options and a packed feature list of video and graphics processing, this projector also offers 10-bit colour display and a 4 Segment (RGBY) Colour wheel, ensuring excellent colour reproduction.

E-Vision LASER 5100 WUXGA
E-Vision LASER 5100 WUXGA
E-Vision LASER 5100 WUXGA

Key Features

  • 5,100 Lumens
  • WUXGA Resolution
  • 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast
  • Part Number: 120-552

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Digital Projection

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