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Digital Projection E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD

SKU: E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD

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The E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD is the perfect combination of high quality imaging and affordability for smaller displays in a wide variety of spaces. With 3,800 ISO lumens, this 4K projector delivers superb imaging complete with sharp visuals and beautiful colors. Key to this new model is the spectacular 500,000:1 Advanced Black Contrast feature which produces stunningly crisp content in low-light environments.

The solid-state E-Vision model is a perfect fit for both residential spaces, and smaller screens that require 4K clarity. The E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD also offers 20,000 hours of stable illumination and its compact chassis make it the ideal projector for applications where space is limited. Remarkably quiet, this lightweight, yet powerful projector is able to be mounted in portrait, landscape and almost any angle in-between, with low lifetime cost of ownership.


High definition applications, offering superb imaging for smaller screens dedicated to entertainment.

Home Cinema
Boardrooms and meeting rooms

E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD
E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD
E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD
E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD
E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD
E-Vision 4000 4K-UHD

Key Features

  • 3,800 ISO / 3,300 ANSI Lumens
  • 4K-UHD Resolution
  • 500,000:1 Advanced Black Contrast Ratio
  • Part Number: 121-804

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Digital Projection

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